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Short Communication - (2022) Volume 13, Issue 11

Let’s strike the iceberg with therapy of life

Bhattacharya Tarapranava*
Department of Medicine and Surgery, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India
*Correspondence: Dr. Bhattacharya Tarapranava, Department of Medicine and Surgery, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India, Tel: 9432013565, Email:

Received: 04-Jun-2022, Manuscript No. IPJNN-22-12712; Editor assigned: 07-Jun-2022, Pre QC No. P-12712; Reviewed: 01-Nov-2022, QC No. Q-12712; Revised: 07-Nov-2022, Manuscript No. R-12712; Published: 15-Nov-2022


Life was going at ease on the path but the plans were otherwise. What were the changes that set in with advent of a disease, how it affected and what’s the way ahead? The article is a pathfinder to people walking across the spheres of life alike in this age of rapid evolution.


VUCA- Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous; Kundalini; Ashtanga Yoga; Bhakti (Devotion); Gnana (Knowledge); Prana (Consciousness); Kriya yog (Mindfulness); Childhood mentation; Autism spectrum; Adolescent mindset; Mindfulness.


The world is reduced to a global village with internet of things. The iceberg of mental health was very well progressing, came the pandemic. 2020 is worth mentioning. A person working day in and out, partying harder with a speed higher than that of light (on the lighter side) was now packed up in home [1]. Working from home it appeared as if that speed was suddenly gone. The extended family of each one of the living persons, of the friends- foe- acquaintances either someone or the other is dead [2]. A classical VUCA had engulfed it all. The repercussions are here to stay. Mental health is on its trough-an all-time low and the trends are saddening [3-6].


The parents engrossed in the race of life are losing the care of elders. The children feeling neglected then are now disgruntled. The elderly who did their best are now the most unwanted (Fig. 1). Who is to be blamed? the sufferers.


Fig. 1. Problem statement.

The ill-health seen in physical realm manifest as anxiety, neuroses and psychoses seem to be just the waves on the sea. The rumblings of the sea bed and whirlpools are actually the instability in the basal realms of mind, consciousness, intellect or bliss. Unless treated from within, the solution is just an illusion (Fig. 2).


Fig. 2. The causal relation.

The solution

The cycle can be reversed. But concerted efforts are now indispensable: The wise of various geographical realms, timelines, and calibers have devised solutions. Enlightenment is easy but the challenge in unfathomable. Realization of the pure self though quest of knowledge, devotion and mindfulness are like the paths tread by several rivers to a single sea. The indomitable spirit of Nature holds the key. The revered philosophy of awakening KundalinI seems so easily achievable. The sequence of plexus (Fig. 3).


Fig. 3. The paths tread by several rivers to a single sea. The sequence of plexus.

The effort: Actions on the physical realm translate to the others and thus true would be the contrary. Imaginations on the higher realms will bring about the desired changes in the physical form (Fig. 4 and Tab. 1.).


Fig. 4. Imaginations on the higher realms will bring about the desired changes in the physical form.

chakra element plexus p-Value*
Mooladhar chakra Earth element Inferior hypogastric plexus 0.006
Swadhisthana chakra Water element Sacral plexus 0.003
Manipura chakra Fire element Coeliac plexus 0.46
Anahata chakra Air element Cardiac Plexus 0.14
Vishuddhi chakra Space element Cervical plexus 0.04
Ajna chakra     0.683
Sahasrara chakra limitless Hypothalamo-limbic system 0.53

Tab. 1. The sequence of plexus.


Inclusive relationship management in the activity unit of a family can well be a step to maintain the homeostasis in the societal system.

• Woods are lovely dark and deep.

• Amidst the woods is a lovely stream.

• Shining beneath the sun of grace.

• We are living at our own pace.


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